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About Belin!

BELIN MOSMAN PARK, situated between the river and the ocean, is small cosy Italian café & restaurant, family owned, opened in January 2019.


At Belin we want to give you a 360 degrees taste experience of Ligurian cuisine, which has been historically influenced by different cultures, from other sides of Italy to the Middle East, that have embraced the Genoese culinary tradition.

We produce everything possible by hand, day-by-day, from the biscuits that accompany our coffee to the Genoese "Fugassa" bread, at the base of our Ligurian cuisine, to reveal or relive stories and memories of distant flavours that have made the Mediterranean cuisine.

We love the simplicity, where completeness is the dish, in a context of comfort zone, in a tiny open kitchen and a little noisy few seats space, where everyone takes off their hats to enjoy this atmosphere. We will bring you to Genoa, a city of ports and sailors, a city of mountains and farmers. 

Simple and fresh ingredients as the best quality we can get, from the local and Italian market to put together a unique regional side of Italy.

A full immersion of aromas and flavours to blow your mind.

It’s nice to get lost in a labyrinth of authentic tastes.



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