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Opened late January 2019, Belin Mosman Park it’s a family-owned Italian restaurant.

40 seat restaurant, BYO, intimate and with a tiny open kitchen is situated in Mosman Park,

a small residential area, between the river and the ocean. 


Everything at Belin is hand-crafted and made with love, following family and historical recipes with a background of connections between different culinary cultures and recipes.


At Belin we want to make you travel in Liguria and not just,

with our fresh daily hand-made baked Fugassa Genoese style to the best pesto in town!

At Belin we want to show you something special, that you would not forget anymore,

the taste and experience of the origin of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, check out our menus!

With love, Belin!

BYO beer and wine only

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